Life in the Abrodi (New Release)

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This novel reveals the concept that love is universal and humane, and everyone is capable of success, love, hope, flaws and betrayals. It also shows that every perspective is different therefore every perspective deserves a listen.

Olivia J A LLB, BL, MA (Migration and Law) Migration scholar,Human  Security fellow; Sustainability development expert, Author, Writer, Visionary director

About the novel

Akon and Lara had worked hard to build their careers and raise a young family in their native Nigeria. An accomplished manager and lawyer respectively, both on the cusp of success, they decided to escape the problem of insecurity and pursue greater opportunities abroad. Confident that their love would sustain them, Akon left his wife and young son to set up their new home in the UK.
Despite our best intentions, life seldom gives us what we want. The struggle to thrive in a foreign country amidst different cultures can either make or break you. This migrating couple would need all the love, faith, and hope they can muster to face life’s often unkind, painful, and unexpected challenges. Add to this gnawing secrets that had the power to tear them apart, the strain of surviving as immigrants in a new land would become nearly unbearable. Follow Akon and Lara’s journey across the globe as they inch towards a desired future. This novel contains a smattering of local languages, reflecting the cultural diversity of the characters in the story.

4 reviews for Life in the Abrodi (New Release)

  1. mainsiteadmin

    This book is so amazing I can’t put it down (JA)

  2. mainsiteadmin

    A good holiday companion, I got it in kindle and print (.SA)

  3. mainsiteadmin

    This novel is such a thrill (MB)

  4. mainsiteadmin

    I am so hooked on this novel (DA)

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